Welcome to the Maria Riboli Acting Studio, where life meets art.

The MRActingStudio takes you to your limits to show you that you have none!

Here you will find your strengths and your voice as an actor and as an artist. You will be taught how to build a strong character through relaxation and sense memory work; you will learn how to be in charge of your emotions, bring them up, use them, and control them at all times; you will master the art of auditioning, learning how to make strong and powerful choices on the spot; you will also be guided towards text analysis and interpretation finding actions that honor the author’s intentions, you will always walk out of each training session feeling stronger as an actor and a human being! At the MRActingStudio the focus is on the students, helping them recreate a reality, be present in the moment, and deliver a truthful performance every single time. Technique is at the core of each class.

The Maria Riboli Acting Studio is about you: the actors, the artists, the human beings with a dream…

Share the art!

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