Simply put, Ms. Riboli possesses extraordinary talent and skill.
I would say that she is one of the two or three most gifted and polished actors I’ve had the pleasure of teaching in my nearly seven years at the Strasberg Institute.
Rarely have I coached an actor with such intelligence, motivation, depth and imagination.
Her work on both comedic and dramatic material is consistently first-rate. She has penetrating insight into human nature, excellent physical and vocal skills, and an unusually strong sense of originality.
Miss Riboli also possesses an extensive literary knowledge of dramatic material from all major periods, a rarity these days.
Ms. Riboli has my highest recommendation as a film and Theatre artist.
(Robert Castle-Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute)

It has been incredible working with Maria for the past four years. I’ve enjoyed and learned a great deal from both her classes and private coaching sessions. With Maria’s guidance I’ve been able to book work on Feature Films, TV, and Commercials. Maria is someone I can see myself working with for years to come as I have found a true artistic connection with her. I highly recommend working with Maria and watch your booking rate soar!
(Christina Rose AEA-AFTRA-SAG)

I have had the privilege of working with Maria Riboli for two years.
She is the “Host” of our television network, Cult Network Italia (CNI). CM is a cultural television network airing throughout Italy with all production based here in New York.
After an extensive auditioning process with 200 actress and many weeks later, we were extremely pleased to find Maria Riboli. She was exactly what the channel needed, and what we had long searched for, her talent was really unparallel.
Maria became the “signature” of our network. She worked tirelessly for us, shooting as many as 30 different scenes in one day.
We received hundreds of e-mails from our viewers delighted that Maria Riboli was hosting our channel. Quite frankly we could not have done it without her.
Last year, our network won the “Hot Bird Award.” This award is giving by the foreign press as an achievement for the best new European Network. Maria Riboli helped us to win this award, with her beautiful presence, remarkable deliveries, and unique talent.
On a personal note, I have been producing television for twenty years, and I’ve worked with thousands of actors. It was a distinct and unique pleasure to work with Maria. Our time constraints and requirements were unusually demanding, and Maria came through each time. Her ability to work long hard hours and still look fresh in front of the cameras is amazing. She never complained and always performed each camera take as if it was her first. Maria is a unique talent.

When I am in New York, I think of Maria as my personal coach – whether I am reading for something or just need to sharpen my process, she is more than generous in giving the actor complete control over their
piece while shaping them. It’s awesome when you feel the change in
yourself, and discover new things on a piece you have worked on and
Maria makes it happen! Thank you so much Maria!
(Beau Hoffman SAG AFTRA AEA)

I still have in front of my eyes the ship, the sea, the bags, the people… I’ m still feeling the warm of my tears all over my cheeks.. It was just an exercise, more than 10 years ago, but I still remember every single minute of that magic experience. I did one of my first acting classes with Maria, and I remember everything she helped us to search and find.
I had also the great privilege to share the stage with her, and I can tell that I’ve always seen the same great thing, before, as my teacher, and after, as my partner: she has the wonderful and rare ability to make everything real. She really believes in what’s happening on stage, she really IS the character.
Her shining eyes at the end of the shows tell everybody all the absolute love and the total devotion she has to this job.
(Lucia Gadolini – actress, voice over talent – Italy)

Maria has been been instrumental to my success as a performer. When I began working with her, I had little acting experience. After a year of her coaching, my technique improved dramatically. Not only is Maria a gifted actor and director, she is also a fantastic teacher. She uses her years of experiences and transforms them into very simple yet challenging study techniques. And, her training has provided me with tools that I can use not only on stage, but also during auditions, rehearsals and in every day life.(Corina – Musician-Actress-Stage Manager)

I had the chance to meet Maria for a project of mine, I remember that
for that particular role I had seen more than 100 actors in a week
when finally Maria came about and I had no doubts that not only she
was the one I was looking for but that with her sparkling talent she
could have helped me to shape further the character. I was right her
contributions ended up being crucial in molding the role. Maria is
both sophisticated and humble and brings a unique energy that sparkles
in every layer of her work.
(Flavio Rizzo – Director)

After gaining so much from Maria’s Cold Read Class, I knew she was the one I needed to go to in order to prepare for my role in the film CRIMESIGHT. Maria is a WONDERFUL coach! She is incredibly professional, creative, supportive, kind and encouraging. She truly cares about the success of each student. Maria rocks!
(Evelyn Vaccaro – Actress, Live-on-Air Host of RSN Television/TV41)

Maria Riboli is one of the greatest directors and actors I have ever had the
pleasure to work with. She brings a depthness to her character analysis which is
very rare and a privilege to be given as an actor. She is a true actor’s director
and has helped me significantly throughout the course of my career.
(Felipe Bonilla – Actor – SAG -Member of The Flea Theater)

When I came to Maria Riboli Acting Studio, I worked with Maria and I got so many great ideas on how to do cold readings, and tackling a scene. Her teachings have helped me out extremely throughout various auditions, which have lead to bookings. It definitely helps that she is a working actor as well because she is able to coach from the stance of not only as a director, but also understands where the actor is coming from. I can’t thank her enough!
(Mariangélica Cuervo Actress Sag-Aftra)

Maria Riboli is a great person an coach, she helped me a lot in a very important moment of my life. She did an amazing job with me during the time I was working in “Modern Love” a new series by Alan Poul, and I did a great job thanks to her amazing training. When I’m shooting around the world I’m always in touch with her via Skype or phone because her method is fantastic!
(Antonio Escamez Actor-Spain)

Thank you for the fantastic monologue class today! It was such enlightning and great experience. I always come out of your classes with more insight to my own performances as well as seeing the GREAT performances of our follow actors. All were superb! Looking forward to your next class in June! Thank you again!!
(Greg Brown Monologue Workshop 5-19-2012)

I had the pleasure of taking Maria Riboli’s Acting Studio monologue workshop this afternoon. It is with great enthusiasm that I encourage any actor, no matter where they are in their career, to participate in classes, workshops, or private coaching sessions with Maria or Rachel. Both of these professionals bring creative energy, passion, and humor to the work. They will love you while at the same time they are challenging you to go deeper with the character which will make you a better artist. I look forward to the next auditioning/cold readings workshop in June, and hope to see you there!
(Jason Weixelman, AEA Workshop 5-19-2012)

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